Lulu’s Dove House

Step into our immersive Storyville Brothel and be mesmerized by performers from all walks of life and proclivities….I do hope you’ll join us for a drink or for the whole night!  Come enjoy a three course New Orleans inspired feast, whilst watching the impressive talents of our MC Sabrina Chap, house Madame Rita MenWeep, ladies of the night, A.K.A.”Soiled Doves,”Astoria Grey, Clara Coquette, Dandy Dillinger, and house boss Jim Ford. With new featured performers every month,  it looks to be an unforgettable night down by the bayou.

Friends of Dorothy: An Oz Cabaret”

“Pasties, and Glitter, and Drag, Oh My!” Follow Dorothy from Kansas to the strange and beautiful Land of Bras, where she meets some memorable friends and foes, but none as fierce and fabulous as the Wicked Bitch of the West.  Will Dorothy make it through the forest of glitter and fringe to the Wizard with her friends?  Can she keep the Wicked Bitch of the West from getting her hands on the Ruby Red Pasties?  Journey over the rainbow and down the yellow brick road with Dorothy as she discovers the true meaning of what it means to be home.”

Influenced by the traditions of vaudeville and circus, and bringing a fun modern edge to the classic Wizard of Oz story, “Friends of Dorothy: An Oz Cabaret” features some of the best in New York City burlesque, drag, aerialists, magic, and downtown music!

Get a Clue!”

The Peach Tarte’s Rita MenWeep and Joe the Shark bring this classic detective board game right to your laps and to life burlesque style, as only they know how!  Was Mr. Body done in by Professor Plum with the glove in the water closet, or choked by glitter in the ballroom by Miss Scarlett? Follow along as our story unfolds and the clothes come off, revealing not only luscious lovelies, but the what/where/why of Mr. Body’s murder.  The only burlesque show where the audience decides the outcome as they solve the crime in four different shows over the course of four different nights with a rotating cast of suspects, burlesque weapons, and a ton of Who-Done-It fun!

Clue” Dinner Theater Experience at Hotel Chantelle

Adam Aleksander, NYC’s event planner impresario, and Conatus Productions brings you a new type of Supperclub/ Nightlife Event.  As guests are served a 3-coarse dinner with wine pairings, 6 performers will bring this classic detective board game “Clue” right to your laps and to life burlesque style, as only they know how!  The only burlesque show where the audience solves the crime detective style among a cast of burlesque suspects, weapons, and a ton of Who-Done-It fun! Prizes will be awarded to the best detective in attendance.

Murder Mystery Show Curated by: Rita MenWeep & Megan Doss

Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Makers Mark Medicine Show- An 1800’s medicine show curated especially for the Makers Mark booth for the 2009 Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Featuring fan dancing, Saloon Girls, and magic including the death defying sword box. Talent included Veronica Varlow, Nelson Lugo, Rita MenWeep, and Burke Heffner.

Strip for a Cure

Strip for a Cure” is the only annual burlesque show where you can see over 20 performers share the stage while every dollar donated is matched for the NYC AIDSwalk! $16,000 raised to date

Strip for a Cure Flier


A monthly serial whodunit film noir style burlesque murder mystery. Fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bump and grind ride.

With hosts Doctor Princess Lady Scoutington and Rita MenWeep

“Sloppy Tilapia and the Girls of the Shaky, Shaky Buffet”

A visceral smorgasbord of blue plate specialty acts coming to Coney Island’s Sideshow by the Seashore piping hot and steamy from all over the east coast.  Go behind the scenes of the only burlesque diner, “The Shaky, Shaky Buffet,” as they fight for a spot on the Naked Food Network.  Can they make it that far without sinking their own souffle?  Featuring  Lady Scoutington, Rita MenWeep, Miss Megs D, Paco Fish, Marla Meringue, Mary Cyn, Amelia Bareparts, games, prizes and a whole lot more.   With so much to feast on, you’ll need to bring your comfy pants for later!

“Mental Circus- a solo show by Christian Mitchell”

Emerging artist Christian Mitchell launched his first solo show hosted at The HOLE NYC Oct 25th, 2011.  This solo show and book release of photographs, prints and installation pieces was accompanied by live performance in the style of his work.  Live show curated by Rita MenWeep.



“Curiouser and Curiouser”-a two-evening festival of Alice in Wonderland



Presented by OPERAtion Brooklyn, this two part event featured a performance by the composer most musically associated with Lewis Carroll – David Del Tredici. Celebrating his 75th birthday the week before, Del Tredici, practically a legend of New York’s contemporary classical scene, played piano for a revival of his 1986 work for soprano and 10-piece orchestra Haddocks’ Eyes, based on a section of Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. Excerpts from the Alice-inspired operas Dreaming of Wonderland (Manly Romero, composer) and Wonderglass (Susan Botti, composer) also took audiences down the operatic rabbit hole.

As if that weren’t enough, intermezzos from a collection of New York’s top circus-burlesque artists were performed in a two part program entitled “Through the Peeping Glass.” Producer/Performer Rita MenWeep put together a mixture of acrobats, contortionists, and burlesque stars to portray some of the most iconic characters in Wonderland in the most unexpected ways.









A monthly Sunday night show at Hotel Chantelle featuring a prix-fixe menu by Chef Kreisel, drink pairings by Sailor Jerry, and a brand new script and cast every month!!! Past performers have included  Brad Lawrence, Cherry Pitz, Rita MenWeep, Trixie Little, The Evil Hate Monkey, Gal Friday, Miss Megs D,  Burke Heffner, Nelson Lugo, Lady Rizo, Boo Bess, Krissy Kocktail,  Lady Scoutington, Jenny C’est Quoi, Legs Malone, Manchego, and Mr. Gorgeous.  Past shows have included “Always a Bridesmaid,” “The Man Who Knew Too Much About the Girl Who Wore Too Little,” “From Chantelle with Love,” and “Girlligan’s Island.”

Where: Hotel Chantelle @ 92 Ludlow Street  Doors at 6:30 Show 7pm


$75 at door includes prix-fixe three course dinner, drinks, and show

$40 at door includes SRO drinks and the show

Advance tix also sold through

For up to date show info visit or the ‘News & Events’ page of this site.

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