The Man Who Knew Too Much….


In a city that never sleeps, on a block that always smells funny, in a building where the rent is too damn high, follow our two gumshoes and delve into the mystery of “The Man Who Knew Too Much About the Girl Who Wore Too Little.” (Cue Music) Descend into the depths of Coney Island’s Sideshow by the Seashore to witness a case of mistaken identity, mistaken g-strings, and murderous mayhem . Will there be more stripping than searching? Will our heroes get shaken up in the shakedown or will they get to the curvaceous bottom of this case? Murder! Greed! Betrayal! Dancing Girls! More dangerous than a woman scorned. Deadlier than kittens.

Starring Rita MenWeep, Corvette Le Face, Sabrina Chap, Manchego, E.Jim Ford, Coco Conroy, and more!

Tickets are $15 online, or at the door.

Advance tickets at:

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