Serenity Spectacular


Burn the land and boil the sea, you can’t take burlesque from me.

The Cyn Factory is proud to present the Serenity Spectacular, a big damn follow up to last year’s wildly successful Firefly show.

August 10th at 9pm The Bell House will be overrun with Browncoats eager to see 15 burlesque tributes to their favorite Firefly characters. Then they’ll stick around for drinks in the front bar, our own¬†version of The Maidenhead, but with less bar fights (we hope) and more steampunk go-go girls. There will even be someone juggling goslings. People some people juggle geese.

Finally the stage will light up again with a live show by two of the Nercore scene’s most celebrated rappers, Schaffer the Darklord and Adam Warrock, creator of the Browncoats Mixtape, a rap album based entirely on Firefly.

It’s a full night of burlesque, music and misbehaving all in tribute to the world’s favorite sci-fi western.


Mary Cyn as Kaylee Fry
Schaffer the Darklord as Hands of Blue
Nasty Canasta as Wash
Brad Lawrence as Malcom Reynolds
Minnie d’Moocha as Inara Sera
Cherry Pitz as a Fruity Oaty Bar girl
Apathy Angel as River Tam
Hard Corey as Badger
Stella Chuu as Jayne Cobb
Gigi Holliday as Zoe Washburn
Burke Heffner as Shepherd Burke
Rita Menweep as Yo/saf/brig (Mal’s wife)
And Adam Warrock as himself

Hosted by The Reverend Burke Heffner and Handsome Brad Lawrence

Tickets are available here

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