Bare Vol X

Peter Aguerro Presents: Bare Volume X; Closing out the Red Room
The East Village is tragically losing yet another performance space as The Red Room will be taken back by the landlord on April 1. Come close out the space with a bang with the latest installment of Bare.
Bare is Raw Stories paired with Raw Burlesque
Hosted and curated by Peter Aguero
Stories by:
Jim O’Grady
Micaela Blei
Mike Soviero
Peter AgueroPaired with Burlesque by:

Brief Sweat
Rita MenWeep
Sizzle Dizzle
The understudy Kraken – Rosey LaRouge

Unpaid Stage Kitten: Handsome Brad Lawrence

Sunday, March 31
The Red Room
85 east 4th st


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